BOCES Direct

Student information, billing and administrative software created exclusively for NY State BOCES.

BOCES Direct is a fully customized student information, billing, and administrative software solution designed exclusively for New York State BOCES. Created with guidance from New York State BOCES practitioners, this system is tailored to meet the day-to-day administrative needs and processes that are unique to the BOCES environment.

The diversity of BOCES data and reporting requirements grows more challenging each year. As a proactive partner with BOCES, we understand the demands that come from SIRS reporting, APPR, and other regulations – and how this makes communication between different software applications critical. BOCES Direct eliminates the problems associated with a patchwork of different software systems by providing the capability to tightly integrate with other student information systems. BOCES Direct users have the freedom to use the system that best suits their organization, while eliminating double data entry and information silos.

BOCES Direct has demonstrated the ability to achieve significant time savings and increased efficiency and data accuracy in the administration of BOCES programs, which contributes toward improved outcomes for students.

Centris Group has a unique understanding of the challenges faced by BOCES across the state, and this extraordinary knowledge base informs the development of our products. 80% of BOCES across New York State use Centris Group systems, and we are proud of our 100% client retention rate.

Features and Benefits:

  • Comprehensive and integrated student information platform stores demographic, scheduling, attendance, grades, and billing information for all BOCES student populations.
  • Student enrollment and scheduling features include multi-enrollment, enrollment roll-over, group scheduling, and customizable student calendars.
  • Attendance and grades tools enable comprehensive and configurable tracking of student attendance, grades, progress, and instructional time data, with the ability to generate reports and unofficial transcripts for specific students, teachers, and school sites.
  • Built-in reporting tools produce NYSED reports, SIRS extracts, and administrative reports including Career Tech placement data, SEDCAR-1, Provider Report of School Age Students Receiving Special Education Services (VR-7 and VR-9), SA-156 State Aid Checklist Report, High Cost STAC Amendment Report, and customized listings for ad hoc reporting.
  • Robust billing module is integrated with WinCap financial software to provide unmatched flexibility and data accuracy, with billing data exports and storage of historical billing information.
  • BOCES student data management features include real-time access to IEPs and 504 plans via integration with IEP Direct.