IEP Direct

State-specific special education solution proven to enhance compliance, support best practices, and improve quality of IEPs.

IEP Direct is a comprehensive data management solution for special education programs that is tailored to each state’s unique regulations and culture. It is the leading special education tool in New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey.

There are vast and crucial differences in special education requirements from state to state, which is why each version of IEP Direct is designed to align fully with state requirements, and is updated as those requirements change over time.

Developed in collaboration with special education subject matter experts and practitioners, each version of IEP Direct includes the required state reports, compliance validations, and quality assurance checks that are central to successful and efficient program management. In fact, the customization of IEP Direct goes far beyond the software’s functionality and content. Our training methods and support structure are also customized to fit each state’s - and each district’s - needs. Our customer satisfaction record is unmatched.

IEP Direct is a truly best-of-class solution with a proven track record of delivering measurable results in returning time to teaching, reducing errors, enhancing compliance, supporting best practices, and improving the quality of IEPs.

Features and Benefits:

  • Electronic Individualized Education Program (IEP) document management makes IEP development more efficient and collaborative.
  • Real-time sharing and transferring of student records between school districts and education agencies enables unprecedented collaboration and visibility.
  • Built-in check points enhance the quality of IEPs.
  • Enhanced content including CCSS aligned goals and objectives library, and legally compliant letters, notices, invitations, and forms.
  • Compliance validations as data is entered increase data accuracy, and dashboards make verifying and submission of state reports easy.
  • Guided wizards provide faster data entry and report generation.
  • Role-based user permissions allow controlled access to student records.
  • Configurable district settings allow flexibility for district-specific policies and procedures.
  • User-friendly interface designed from the special educator’s perspective supports fast adoption and ease of use.
  • Seamless integration with general education student management systems.
  • Fully integrated Medicaid billing, document management, and document translation modules support efficient management.
  • Context-sensitive online help resources provide instant access to relevant supporting documentation.
  • Data security using SSL encryption - the standard used by banks and major financial institutions.
  • Regular software updates are delivered automatically and without any action required by users.
  • Fully web-based application provided using a Software as a Service model.